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East Los Angeles College

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have experienced relationship or sexual violence, it may feel as though you are alone and that no one will understand what is happening to you. This feeling is real, but it is not accurate. You are not alone. There are people on your campus and in your community who care and want to help.

  • Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Hotlines

    Relationship violence and sexual assault hotlines are staffed by counselors who can help you decide what is best for you. Referrals to other community resources are also provided. Hotlines are open 24 hours a day and call information is kept anonymous and confidential.

  • Rape and Battering Hotlines

    LACAAW (24 hour English and Spanish, Los Angeles area)
    (213) 626-3393; (310) 392-8383
    (626) 793-3385

    Center for the Pacific Asian Family (provides counseling in various Asian languages): (323) 653-4042
    East L.A. Women's Center (24 hour English and Spanish): 1(800) 585-6231
    Valley Trauma Center (San Fernando, Santa Clarita area): (818) 866-0453
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  • Domestic Violence Shelters

    Shelters are a safe place to stay when you want to leave a violent situation. Many shelters provide other services such as counseling and legal help. Locations are kept confidential.

    • 1736 Family Crisis Center (213) 745-6434
    • Free Spirit Shelter- Chicana Service Action Center: (323) 937-1312 (800) 548-2722
    • Family Violence Project of Jewish Family Services: (818) 505-0900 (310) 858-9344
    • Haven Hills: (818) 877-6589
  • Stalking Hotline

    • Stalking Hotline: (877) 633-0044
    • STOP Partner Abuse (LA Gay and Lesbian Center): (323) 860-5806
  • Campus Assistance:

    • You may dial 911 at any time to receive immediate assistance
    • During business hours, Contact the ELAC Women’s and Men’s Center, Bldg. G8 – 111, 323-267-3795
    • After hours, contact East LA Rape and Battering Hotline at 800-585-6231
    • In non-emergency situations, you may call 323-265-8800 to speak with someone from the L.A. Sheriff's Department at ELAC.