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Library Instruction

  • Library Science 101, a 10-week, one credit course on library research. Topics include basic research methods using library's print and electronic information resources, planning and drafting a research paper, formal requirements for citing sources, and academic integrity and copyright law

  • Instructors:
    1. Amy Guy
    2. Email: guyal@elac.edu
    3. Tel: (323) 267-3775

    4. Erika Montenegro
    5. Email: montene@elac.edu
    6. Tel: (323) 415-5008

    7. Gabriella Lopez
    8. Email: lopezgm@elac.edu
    9. Tel: (323) 357-6214

  • Library Science 102, an eight week, one credit course to learn Internet research skills and strategies applicable to both academic research and lifelong learning. Topics include locating, critically evaluating, and ethically using information located on the Internet.

  • Instructors:
    1. Unjoo Lee
    2. E-mail: leeu@elac.edu
    3. Tel: (323) 267-3774

    4. Susan Hoang
    5. Email: hoangs@elac.edu

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