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East Los Angeles College

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Curriculum Committee Membership: 2017-2018

Artin Davidian (Cluster A—Science)
Viken Kiledjian (Cluster A—Science)
Jeanine Nolan (Cluster A—Science)
Lakshmi Reddy (Cluster A—Science)
Sherrie Davey (Cluster B—Social Science)
Beatriz Tapia (Cluster B—Social Science)
Steve Wardinski (Cluster B—Social Science and Curriculum Chair)
Jessica Hansen (Cluster C—Humanities)
Sanae Jennings (Cluster C—Humanities)
Alex Solis (Cluster C—Humanities)
Rick Crawford (Cluster D—Arts)
Christine Frerichs (Cluster D—Arts)
Anthony Lupica (Cluster D—Arts)
Marilyn Frontanez-Loza (Cluster E—Counseling)
Erika Montenegro (Cluster F—Library)
Cathleen Rozadilla - Campus Articulation Officer
Robert Godinez (AFT Representative)
Kerrin McMahan (Curriculum Dean)