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Distance Education Program Learning Outcomes

East Los Angeles College Distance Education facilitates student learning using diverse educational tools and innovative teaching methods. In a dynamic online learning environment, we assist students in achieving degrees, transfer, career certifications, and lifelong learning. We support and encourage faculty in mastering new technologies to provide access to students no longer limited to the traditional college learning environments.

  1. Technology: Introduce instructional technology that empowers the success of faculty and students in distance education.
    1. How the outcome is assessed?
      1. An on-going schedule of faculty and student training in Etudes and Moodle, mini labs and workshops on new features are monitored and participants are tracked and surveyed to determine the practical application of services.
    2. 80% of participants will successfully apply training applications.
    3. Follow-up survey
  2. Instruction: Assist faculty with best practices for online student success.
    1. Quality matters discussions with the introduction of manuals and standards are required for re-certification to teach online. Certificates are issued
      1. 100% of online instructors will receive manuals and standards to teach online by Fall 2016.
      2. Fall 2014 -Spring 2016 all new online instructors will receive the additional manuals and standards, along with the LMS certificate. Previous online instructors will receive manuals and standards through workshops offered by the Distance Education office.
  3. Support: Assists faculty and student with online student support.
    The success of student support services available online will be surveyed.
    1. 90% of faculty aware of student support services available online
    2. 90% of students aware of student support service available online.