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East Los Angeles College
Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Referral Form

Use this form to report non-urgent student behaviors only.

If the behavior threatens the personal safety of students, faculty, or staff or is displayed with such emotional intensity that it engenders fear or concern in others, immediately contact the Sheriff’s Office at 323-265-8800 (Monterey Park) or 323-357-6222 (South Gate).

Indicate your perceived level of risk:

Mild risk: Disruptive or concerning behavior. Student may or may not show signs of distress. No threat made or present.
Moderate risk: More involved or repeated disruption. Behavior more concerning. Likely distressed or low-level disturbance. Possible threat made or present. Threat is vague and indirect. Information about threat or threat itself is inconsistent, implausible, or lacks detail. Threat lacks realism. Content of threat suggests student is unlikely to carry it out.
Elevated to severe risk: Seriously disruptive incident(s). Suspected substance abuse. Bizarre or unusual behavior indicating distress. If there is immediate threat of harm to themselves or others, call the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Locations (check all that apply):

Reason for referral:

  1. ELAC Faculty/Staff member making the referral: