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The ALERT process is designed to alert students to contact campus referral sites as early as possible during the term. Please continue to do your own early interventions with students experiencing difficulty in class. Students will be directed to contact the referral site. Use as many codes as applicable for each student.

Note your electronic signature number for this session, then click Continue.
On your FACULTY-Main Menu page, select section and click on Alert Students.

Alert Students Roster page is displayed.
Select a student by clicking on the corresponding button.
The Alert Student page is displayed
Select the alerts by checking the check boxes next to them.
Click Submit to proceed.
The selected alerts will be displayed on the Alert Student Confirmation page
Select method of contact. The options available are:

  • Email - Formatted : This is a standard formatted email that will be sent
  • Mail Letter: This is a standard formatted letter that the instructor can print and send. Note: There is no electronic communication sent to student
  • Referred Service: This option does not send any communication to the student but does record the alert so that the corresponding office will have data available to contact the student.
  • Email - Custom: This option is only available for the alert Meet With The Instructor. This option allows instructor to send a custom letter to the student regarding the reason they need to meet.
  • Note: For all the contact methods selected the data is still recorded and available for the service departments to utilize

There is also the option available to submit comments regarding each alert for the student. Comments up to 100 characters can be recorded in addition to the alert. The comments are only seen by the individuals designated to handle the data for the alerts. The student will not receive the comments. This is available for instructors to provide additional input for their observations that they feel will be beneficial for the service department receiving the alert.

Once methods of contact are selected, click Submit to submit the alerts.
The Alert Student Updated page will be displayed showing the alerts recorded and the Latest Place Alert Dates.

A history of the alerts can be viewed by clicking the history icon at the header of the page. The history shows the following information:

  • Date the Alert was submitted
  • The Alert Type
  • Contact method

The history is also available from the Alert Roster page. Students that have previously had an alert submitted for this section will have a check mark icon next to their name. The check mark icon is also a link that can be clicked to view the alert history.

Note: The alert submitted for a student in a section cannot be viewed from another section or by another instructor.