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East Los Angeles College

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The system is available daily from 6 a.m. to midnight.

Instructor Login page:

  • For forgotten passwords, contact the campus LAN administrator.
  • Link to campus contact information is at bottom of Login page.
  • Browsers supported by this system are listed at the bottom of the screen.
Almost every page:

  • Links are underlined or displayed in blue
  • Buttons are displayed as boxes or ovals
  • Help link at top right corner provides link to more information about the page
  • "Bread Crumb" path at top left corner displays the path or steps to get to that page
  • Contact the Webmaster link at bottom left corner
  • Gotop / Main Menu / Logout links in middle at bottom of page

The District system will end your session and log you off if no action has taken place for a while. You can log back on by pressing the Faculty Information System button near the bottom of the Session Expired screen.

IMPORTANT: Session Length
Please note that merely pressing keys or moving the mouse does NOT register as interaction with the information system. Even if you have input numbers, grades, or checked boxes, you will get a warning near the 20 minute point when the session is about to end. Click the "RESTORE" button in the warning pop-up within the time allotted to extend your time for another 20 minutes; otherwise, the session will end and data will not be saved.

Inactivity with the system is defined as having no transactions submitted.