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Welcome to Online Faculty Services
LACCD On-Line Faculty Services: Class Rosters and Grades

This Web page provides information related to on-line services for faculty. Many, but not all, functions can now be done on-line instead of by using paper forms.

You will still need to submit signed paper forms for many items. Many classes require that you continue to turn in certain kinds of attendance verification. Requirements vary by section and college. Please complete forms as directed by your college.

On-line rosters provide current listings. In addition, an electronic signature component has now been incorporated, so printed "wet ink" signatures are no longer required for transactions that are submitted online. More online procedures are in development; so you may notice changes in these on-line procedures during the course of the year.

Before you begin:

Access to the FACULTY SERVICES - INSTRUCTOR SYSTEM requires a DEC User ID and password. All instructors have accounts to this system. If you have questions or problems logging in, please contact your campus LAN administrator by clicking on the words Forget your Password? at the bottom of the Instructor Login page.


Your college website provides a link to the District's faculty web page. The District's site can also be accessed directly.

  1. The District's home page is:
  2. Select the tab near the top: FACULTY & STAFF RESOURCES
  3. The next screen will show: Resources Accessible From Any Computer
    Scroll down and select one:
    • View your class roster
    • Assign grades to students
    • Exclude students from classes
  4. On the Login page, key in your: DEC User ID and Password, then click Submit
  5. Electronic Signature Notice: Write down session number, then click PContinue
    Important new requirement: Must have this number to complete transactions.

The FACULTY system Main Menu page displays your schedule of classes and choices.

  • View Roster
  • Assign Grades
  • Exclude Student
  • Alert Students
  • Record Positive Attendance
  • Download Menu
  • Change Password
  • Logout