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Kindergarten Students Get College Admission Certificates

Publish Date: 03/17/2015 03:17:36 PM

Leaders from the GO East L.A. initiative on Tuesday met with kindergarten students at Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School to hand out college acceptance certificates and stress the importance of preparing for college at an early age.

The beaming children heard about college opportunities and received their GO East LA certificates from Los Angeles Unified School Board member Mónica García, East Los Angeles College President Marvin Martinez, Cal State L.A. President William A. Covino, and LAUSD Instructional Area Superintendent Roberto Martinez.

Every kindergarten student in East Los Angeles—1,600 in all—is receiving the certificate. The certificates are being delivered during the same period in which college acceptance letters are landing in mailboxes of high school seniors across the country.

“We congratulate our seniors receiving college acceptance letters. During this exciting time, our GO East LA partners have a very special message for our class of 2027 and their families,” said Board Member Mónica García. “You are accepted and expected at East L.A. College and Cal State L.A. in 2027 as long as we work together to meet those requirements.” She added, “We are clear in purpose and intention: We want 100 percent of our youth to know we are ready to support their path to be college ready and career prepared. When our families work together with our schools and colleges, we all succeed. Great Outcomes for East L.A. begins right here, right now!”

“Great Outcomes East LA: A Pathway for College and Career Success” is a collaboration between the Los Angeles Unified School District, East Los Angeles College and Cal State L.A. to promote a college-going culture and greater educational outcomes for all East L.A. students who meet admission requirements.

The GO East LA initiative offers all eligible Garfield High School students guaranteed admission to East L.A. College and Cal State L.A. The initiative also serves students in the nearby feeder middle and elementary schools such as Brooklyn Elementary.

“What’s really important here today is the message being received by students and their families,” Martinez said. “GO East L.A. is creating a college-going culture in this community. We’re spreading the message that if a college education is what you want, we’re here to help you achieve it.”
GO East LA was launched last year and is modeled after the successful Harlem Children’s Zone initiative, which has helped thousands of children and families achieve success through innovative partnerships between schools, community organizations and private enterprise. 
“We realize that academic success for our children relies on sustained engagement involving our schools, our business partners and our community based organizations,” Covino said. “Go East LA allows us to help prepare students for academic success, and to inform them and their parents of the affordable, accessible and outstanding college opportunities that are available just a short distance from their homes.”