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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do I do if I forget my password?

    Go to and click on the "Login Help" button. Read the information posted there. If you need your password reset, click on the "Reset Password" button.

  • Is there a spell check feature for students?

    Yes, if you use a PC and Internet Explorer as your browser. This is not available for the Mac.

    You can download ieSpell that comes with the FCK Editor used in most tools. It is a limited spell-checker, however. You can download ieSpell - A Spell Checker for Internet Explorer at the following site:

    We recommend that you get into the habit of typing your work into a word processing program, like MS Word, saving it, and then cutting and pasting your text into ETUDES. This way, whether you are submitting an assignment, a discussion post, or an answer to an exam question, you will be able to spell check your work first and you will have a backup copy on your hard drive should you lose connectivity.

  • What types of files can I upload as attachments in the discussion forums?

    This is a list of allowable file types in the Discussions & Private Messages forum. Your files must include the proper suffix in order to upload as an attachment.

    • Image/Photo: .bmp, .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, .png, .psd, .tiff, .swf
    • Media: .midi, .mov,.wav, .mp3
    • Document: .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .pps, .htm/.html
    • Utilities: .gz, .tar, .zip, .sit/.sitx

    The following file types are NOT allowed: .exe, .bat, .pif, .bin.

  • What is the maximum file size for uploads?

    20 MB

  • Is there a limit to the number of files I can attach to an assignment?

    No, there is no limit to the number of files students can attach to an assignment. You can attach as many as required/asked for by the instructor. The same 20 MB file size limit applies per file.

  • Is there a limit to the number of attachments allowed in the discussion forums?

    In the discussion tool, we have set the limit to 3 attachments max per post.

  • There's something wrong with my essay. Some of the punctuation marks are altered by the Website.

    If you want to retain the formatting of your essays, you should submit them as attachments. Pasting them into the editor may alter some characters, depending on the versions of software students are using. This is rare, but it happens with Mac users/versions of software.

  • When I login to my ETUDES-NG account, there is no way to get to my class(es). All I see is 'MyWorkspace.' Why can't I see my class listed there?

    You have been dropped by the instructor, and you are no longer officially enrolled. You need to contact the instructor directly. It usually takes 12-24 hours before you will be entered back into the system after you have cleared things up.

  • How do I get to the top level, or home page, of a tool? I seem to get stuck in an open assignment or lesson and can't get out.

    That little icon to the left of each tool's title (looks like the Jiffy Lube logo) is a link back to that tool's beginning (table of contents) page.

    For example, if you are reading a lesson in the Modules area, you will return to the list of modules when you click on the icon. If you are reading a discussion posting, you will return to the Discussions Main Page when you click on the icon. All the rest of the tools have one of those Jiffy Lube icons and they all work the same way.

    (By the way, we are calling it a Jiffy Lube icon because it is a curly arrow that looks like Jiffy Lube's logo. It's not really related to Jiffy Lube at all.)

  • My instructor said that I can resubmit an assignment, but when I try to, it won't accept it.

    Most likely, your computer's cache is not set correctly. It needs to be set to "every visit to the page" and thus you are seeing old sessions. Go to the Gateway for information on how to set your browsers' cache. Also be sure to CLEAR any existing cache.

  • I clicked on a graded assignment to see my grade, but now I can't get back to the screen that lists all currently available assignments.

    Click on the Jiffy Lube icon of a tool (top left corner of tools) to get back to the home page, or close what you opened (buttons at the bottom of open page).

  • How can I see my scores for assignments, tests & quizzes?

    In the Gradebook tool, you can see your scores for tests, quizzes and assignments (unless the instructor has turned off this feature). However, to see instructor feedback on your assignments, you must review the assignments individually using the Assignments tool.

  • My teacher says that she has sent some announcements to us using email, but I didn't get them. Why not?

    There are two issues here:

    • The email account you use might not be the same one that ETUDES-NG is sending to. You can check this following these steps:
      • lick on the Update Details button at the bottom of the page. Now email will be sent to the updated email address.
      • After you log into your ETUDES account, you'll be in MyWorkspace. Click on the Account link in the left nav menu.
      • Click on the Modify Details button at the bottom of the window.
      • On the Account Details page that appears, put your correct email address into the correct box. (Notice that you can also change your name and password here, too. But remember that this only affects your ETUDES account. You'll need to contact Admissions & Records to make changes school-wide.
    • It could be that you're receiving the emails, but your email program is automatically sorting the messages into your bulk/junk folder. This is particularly true if you're using hotmail or yahoo as your email account. You can try adding your ETUDES class email address to your address book so that it will be recognized as not junk, or just get into the habit of looking in your bulk/junk folder for class emails.
  • Sometimes a module page does not open completely, but just show the titles. Why does this happen?

    You may need to disable your pop-up blocker. This is explained on our Gateway page, but it's easy to miss.

    Click on the link: Computer (PC and Mac) and Connectivity Requirements for details. Setting up cache, turning off pop-up blocker, and enabling cookies are three standards things that users should do. Allowing pop-ups impacts opening documents in separate browser windows, opening the widgets and other parts of the software where help is provided to users in the form of pop-up windows.

    Depending on how paranoid users are with regard to security, other things may have to be changed (i.e. allow downloads). It is too hard to know everyone's local configurations... The more restrictions people put on their browsers, the more problems they will have.

  • How do I get rid of the course tabs leftover from past terms?

    Instructions for removing/reordering course tabs in ETUDES-NG:

    1. Login and go to My Workspace.
    2. Click Preferences from the lefthand menu.
    3. Click Customize Tabs from the list at the top of the page.
    4. Follow instructions to reorder or archive tabs.
    5. When you are done, click Update Preferences at the bottom.
    6. Refresh your browser window so that the changes now appear.
  • How do I add an attachment to an assignment or discussion post in ETUDES-NG?

    Open instructions as a .pdf document: