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Welcome to SouthGate Educational Center

East Los Angeles College established the South Gate Educational Center in 1997 to better serve a growing student population that lives in the southern part of the college's service district. After several years at a site in Huntington Park, the college acquired a large, modern building on Firestone Blvd., a major transit corridor in the area.

Currently, the facility has 24 classrooms, a computer lab, book store, library and student support services. A wide variety of career and academic courses is offered and many students have successfully transitioned to universities and productive careers from the Center.

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Enrollment Fees

Effective for the Summer 2012 session, the enrollment fee is increased from $36.00 per unit to $46.00 per unit. If you have already registered for the Fall semester, you will now owe an additional $10.00 per unit. For updated information on the enrollment fees you currently owe, log on to, and then click on view and pay fees." If you have not registered yet, the $36.00 per unit enrollment fee will be assessed when you do register.

Supplemental EIR Report is now available, click here for more details.

South Gate Community respectfully request ELAC South Gate students park in college designated lots rather than street parking.