From: Gauthier, Donald J.
Subject: District wide email accounts available

Dear colleague,

For the past 2 years, District Information Technology has been working on a project to provide students and faculty with e-mail accounts through Office 365 for their academic purposes. In the fall of 2012, we went live with the student email accounts. We announced to students that their district-issued email account would henceforth be the primary and official means of email communication with the District, their home campus and faculty.

We are now ready to launch the faculty component of Office 365. Faculty are encouraged to use the new Office 365 email and other features. However, it will not replace their current college email account. The account for Office 365 is provided to the faculty for academic purposes and also to take advantage of, and access, all the new features of Office 365.

These features include a cloud-based email account, calendar and 25GB of storage space, as well as products such as Office WebApps, which allows users to run Word, Excel, and PowerPoint online without any installed software except your Internet browser. In addition, in the near future, each user will be provided with a cloud storage account of 7GB called SkyDrive Pro that will provide additional access and flexibility for document and file-sharing.

This new set of powerful applications is available now. You will soon be receiving an email from District IT that includes a set of instructions for going live with this new email account. In addition, a link will be provided to a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist you, as well as a link to District IT help.

Good luck and see you in "the cloud"!

Bobbi Kimble, Interim VCIE                                              Don Gauthier, DAS Senate President

Donald J. Gauthier
President, District Academic Senate