Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there still writing tutoring at South Gate?

Yes. When classes go remote on March 30, so will the SG Writing Center. Big changes, for sure. But what hasn’t changed is the Writing Center staff. We are all still here . . . and with you during this time.

How do I get tutoring?

Some classes will have embedded tutors. If you want to get tutoring outside of class, your tutor will have contact information so you can set up an appointment. We highly recommend downloading the Zoom app if you haven’t already. Very accessible and most instructors/tutors will use this. If you’re nervous, don’t worry. Tutors will walk you through the process. (However, please be patient. We are also learning with you.) For those classes that do not have embedded tutors, online tutoring services are still available. Tutors are accessible. Just email them to make an appointment and they will send you a link to click on for your tutoring session. (Please see South Gate Campus website for tutor contact and their available times).

What are your hours?

At the moment, we are still trying to figure that out. Our tutors have varying schedules so it’s up to you whose schedule fits best with yours.

How long are tutoring sessions?

Sessions are around 45 minutes. Not only are there individual sessions but you can also receive group tutoring. In addition, we will offer workshops TBA.

What software/programs do you recommend I use for my assignments?

Google Docs would be preferred but you can use Word.

If there is a problem of concern in any tutoring session, whom do I contact?

Contact: Beth Musgrave - Via email: