Full Term Classes

(Dates are Subject to change)

Classes less than 16 weeks have different add/drop deadline dates.
Check on the Student Information Portal or with the instructor.

It's the student's responsibility to be aware of add and drop deadlines. *The LDFR, NPDD, and LDTD dates are general for most classes but not all, check the student portal for specific deadlines.


Friday, October 01 – Sunday, May 8
New/Returning Student Online Application Period
Friday, October 01 – Monday, December 20
Fourth Attempt Petition Filing Period (Spring 2022)
Wednesday, October 27
Matriculation Activities Cut-Off for Priority Registration
Monday, November 08 – Friday, December 10
Appeal Loss of Priority Enrollment and College Promise Grant
Monday, November 08
Group 1: (Members of the Armed Forces, Veterans, CalWORKs, DSPS, EOPS, Foster and Homeless Youth)
Wednesday, November 10
Group 2: (Students participating in intercollegiate sports, College Promise, Accelerated Completion)
Monday, November 15
Group 3: (Continuing Students in Good Standing with <100 Units Completed, New Fully Matriculated Students, New/Returning Exempt Students)
  • 60-99 Completed units --- Monday, November 15, 2021
  • 45-59 Completed units --- Wednesday, November 17, 2021
  • 30-44 Completed units --- Friday, November 19, 2021
  • 15-29 Completed units --- Monday, November 22, 2021
  • 1-14 Completed units --- Wednesday, November 24, 2021
  • 0 Completed units --- Monday, November 29, 2021
Wednesday, December 01
Group 4: (Loss of Enrollment Priority Due to Academic and/or Progress Probation, Completed >100 degree applicable units within LACCD)
Monday, December 06
Group 5: (Special K-12 Admits and Open Enrollment)
Tuesday, January 04
Last Day to Submit Special Admit K-8th grade Petitions
Friday, January 14
Prerequisite Completion/Challenge Petition/Course Repeat with Passing Grade Petition Deadline
Sunday, February 06
Residency Code Adjustment Deadline for Spring 2022
Sunday, February 06
Online Registration Deadline for Full Term Courses
Monday, February 07
All Full-Term Classes Begin
February 07 – February 21
Open Enrollment for Full Term Courses–(must attend first day of class for instructor permission)
February 24 – May 06
Graduation Petition Filing Period and Deadline for Spring 2022
Friday, February 18
Holiday – College Closed (Observance of President’s Day)
Saturday, February 19 – Sunday, February 20
Non-Instruction Day – College Closed
Monday, February 21
Holiday – College Closed (Observance of President’s Day)
Monday, February 21
Last Day to Add or Audit Full Term Classes
(Date for short term classes is approximately 20% of term, check the Student Information Portal)
Sunday, February 21
*Drop Deadline #1 – Full Term 16 Week Classes
  - Last Day to Drop Class and Receive Refund
    *Refund deadline is equal to 10% of the total class time (Classes may have different deadlines check the SIS Portal)

  - Last Day to Drop Online Without Class Appearing on Transcript

  - Last Day to “Swap” courses without Class Appearing on Transcript

    *Short Term Classes less than 16 Weeks have different Drop and Add Deadlines Check the SIS for Dates
Friday, February 25
Last Day to file for Pass/No Pass and Last Day for Section Transfers
Thursday, March 10
Associate Degree Transfer-CSU eVerify for Fall 2020 Submission Deadline
Friday, March 18
Graduation Petitions – Deadline for Posting in Commencement Ceremony Program
Thursday, March 31
Holiday – College Closed (Observance of Cesar Chavez Day)
Friday, April 01
Non-Instruction Day (No Classes)
Saturday, April 02 – Friday, April 08
Spring Break (No Classes)
Sunday, May 08
*Drop Deadline #2 – Last Day to Drop Classes Online with a “W” (75% of term)
Monday, May 30
Holiday – College Closed (Observance of Memorial Day)
Tuesday, May 31
Last Day of Full-Term Class Instruction
Tuesday, May 31 – Monday, June 06
Final Examinations
Tuesday, June 07
Commencement Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony and Updates: https://www.elac.edu/Student-Services/Graduation
Monday, June 12
Spring 2022 Semester Ends