Common ELAC / SMC Respiratory Therapy Program FAQ's

Below you will find common questions and answers about the ELAC / SMC Respiratory Therapy Program. Please contact the RT Program at if you have any more questions.

The ELAC / SMC Respiratory Therapy Program
Phone: 323-265-8813
Location: C2-126-A (behind the men’s basketball gym and next to the P3 (Cesar Chavez entrance) parking lot.(The Bungalow is listed as the “Allied Health Department”)

Common Questions & Answers
Question:What are the prerequisite courses needed to apply to the Respiratory Therapy (RT) program?Answer:Satisfactory (“C” or better) completion of each of the following college courses

2020 Cohort Prerequisites

-Human Anatomy 1 or Biology 20
-Human Physiology 1 or Biology 20
-General Microbiology 1 or 20
-Chemistry 51 or 65
-Intermediate Algebra 125 (or higher)
-Reading & Composition 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes; however, it is strongly advised that ALL GE degree requirements be completed before the start of the program.  It is MANDATORY that ALL general education degree requirements be completed PRIOR to the start of the clinical courses, and must be verified by an ELAC academic counselor before the student will be permitted to enroll in RT 15. Please note that RT students are exempt from taking the Health requirement.

Answer: No. A complete application, including transcripts, must be submitted via the USPS to the following address:

East Los Angeles College RT Program
Attention: KMBooth
1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez
Monterey Park, California  91754

Applications may also be submitted to the Program via the College mail system, located in G-1 117.

Answer: At this time, most of the on-campus theory classes are scheduled in the morning and afternoons.  In the clinical (2nd) year, some clinical rotations many occur at night or on a weekend.

Answer: All courses are scheduled in sequential order each semester, and must be completed with a grade of “C” or better before progressing to the next semester.  All RT courses are only offered once / year.

Answer: Once formally admitted, the student will be assigned to an RT advisor, who will work with the student to establish their written "RT Education Plan."  Once this plan is created, a student may not make any changes to their schedule WITHOUT prior written permission form their faculty advisor AND the RT Program Director.

Withdrawal form any RT class constitutes a withdrawal form the entire Program.

Answer: If an applicant has completed all of the required prerequisite classes WITHIN the 9 campus LACCD system, unofficial (internet generated) transcripts will suffice.  For coursework completed OUTSIDE of the LACCD system, official transcripts must be attached to the application.

Students who wish to use coursework from a college or university located outside of the U.S. may not do so UNTIL those transcripts have been evaluated by a College-sanctioned evaluation service.  Please check with the campus counseling department for more information about this process.

Answer: Providing the following:

  1. A clear background check
  2. A complete physical examination, including lab work and chest radiography. 
  3. A clear vaccination (immunity) status
  4. Purchase of malpractice insurance
  5. Equipment and uniform
  6. LA County fire and AHA BLS cards that will not expire during the clinical rotation.
  7. Fit Test

Answer: From the 1st day of the fall semester until the last day of the 1st summer term in the following year. (Check the ELAC RT website for any changes to our dates.)

Answer: At the start of each fall semester, a cohort of 50 students begins the two-year program curriculum.

Answer: To both the RT office and the Admissions Office to initiate a "General Petition."  However, transfer students must FIRST schedule a meeting with the RT Program Director BEFORE they may submit an application and transcripts.