Parking Information:


The parking fee is $20.00 per semester and $7.00 for summer or winter session. You may pay the parking fee and obtain the parking permit from the Fiscal Office. Parking in areas on campus marked “Parking by Permit Only” will be restricted to vehicles displaying a valid permit. Students who purchase a regular “Student” permit may park at the Stadium Lot, and Avalanche Roads. Students who purchase an “ASU” permit may park at the Stadium Lot, Avalanche Roads, and Levels 2–6 of Parking Structure 3, and Levels 1-4 of Parking Structure 4. Student should NOT park in spaces marked “Faculty Staff.” The Fiscal Office is NOT responsible for parking citations.


The Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District, in compliance with the laws of California, have established regulations regarding traffic and parking on campus, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Any motor vehicle parked at East Los Angeles College Monday through Saturday, must clearly display a valid parking permit from the rearview mirror facing the front, or placed on the top left corner of the dashboard (Permit Facing Up). Parking permits may be purchased at the Fiscal Office. Vehicles not properly displaying a valid parking permit are Subject to citation for violation of California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 21113(a). Park in marked stalls only.
  • Board Rule #7401 “The Board of Trustees or the District will not be responsible for damage, loss of vehicle or its contents unless the District is liable under the Government Codes 810 to 966.6 inclusive.”
  1. Students with regular Student Permits may park only at the Stadium Lot and Lots A & B of the South Gate Campus.
  2. Students who have paid the ASU fees are allowed to purchase an “ASU” parking permit, which allows them to park in the Stadium Lot, level 2-6 of Parking Structure 3 on Cesar Chavez, level 1 and part of level 2, levels 3-5 of Parking Structure 4 on Collegian, and the main lot at the South Gate Campus. Any vehicles found parking in any of these lots failing to display valid parking permits will be cited per CVC Section 21113(a). Park in marked stalls only.
    • Handicapped students are allowed to park in all student lots. There are designated handicapped parking stalls in every one of these parking areas. To park in these stalls, vehicle must display a valid handicapped placard, along with a valid parking permit. Any vehicle parked in a handicap stall without displaying a handicapped placard will be fined (CVC Section 22507.8(A)).
  3. Faculty and staff are allowed to park in the Stadium Concourse and level 1 of Parking Structure 3, Level 2 of Parking Structure 4, B2 Lot, West Access Road, and CDC Center. Vehicles must display a current Staff Parking Permit. Any vehicle without a valid parking permit are Subject to citation CVC Section 21113(a). Park in marked stalls only. There is a $20 fee for lost or additional permits.
    • Parking spaces designated “Car Pool” are for staff car-poolers only. Vehicles parked in such stalls must display both a valid staff/faculty permit and a Car Pool permit. Any vehicles parked in a Car Pool stall without a Car Pool parking permit will be fined. Car Pool is limited to faculty/staff only. For information call (323) 415-4110. (See: CVC Section 21113(a)).
  4. Any vehicle traffic or vehicle parked on campus fire roads without the specific consent of the Sheriff's Department, will be cited per CVC Section 22500.1.
  5. “ONE DAY” parking permits are only valid at the Stadium Lot, Level 6 of Parking Structure 3 on Cesar Chavez, and Level 5 of Parking Structure 4 on Collegian for $2.00 per day. Daily permits are only valid at the Stadium Lot and top levels of both parking structures.
    • All parking rules and regulations will be strictly enforced, 24 hours a day, (Monday - Saturday).
    • Motorcycles and open-top vehicles: There is no designated motorcycle parking area. Please park in a regular marked parking stall. Permits need not be displayed for motorcycles or open-top vehicles, however, a valid permit is required and must be registered at the Sheriff’s Office every semester.
    • Lost permits: A new permit must be purchased at the Fiscal Office while supplies last.
  6. No overnight parking without approval from the Sheriff’s Department.

There is a two-week grace period at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. There is a one-week grace period for the first Summer session only. Citing will begin immediately following the respective time period. Failure to display a valid student permit will result in the issuance of a citation CVC Section 21113(a). Students are restricted to Student Parking Lots only.

Four points to aid students to avoid parking citations issued by the Sheriff's Department or the City of Monterey Park Police:

  1. Parking permits for off-street parking are issued by the City of Monterey Park and are available to residents in the immediate vicinity of the college only.
  2. Parking on public streets without a valid city parking permit may result in a parking citation.
  3. To avoid parking citations, please purchase a parking permit and park in the designated student lots.
  4. Student parking permits must be renewed every semester.


Sheriff's Station Hours: 24 hrs
Location: Stadium B5-104
(323) 265-8800

Parking Dept: (323) 265-8672
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