ACE Account Detail:

Faculty and Students are automatically assigned an ACE account which provides access to all ACE systems. The ACE systems include e-mail (MS Exchange), computer labs, academic portal (MS SharePoint), campus-wide printing (GoPrint), positive attendance tracking (CI Track/CI Track Web), video streaming (Starbak), and student referral (CI Track).

The username (ACE Account) is generated from a faculty's name using the [first six letters of the last name] + [initial of first name] + [initial of middle name]. For instance, Mark R. Robinson would have this username [robinsmr].

The password is "Elac," followed by the last six digits of the faculty's employee number. For example, if Mark Robinson's employee number is 10712345, his password will be Elac712345. The password is case sensitive, please capitalize only the first letter E.

Note. Some employee numbers are 6-digits and others are 8-digits. In the case of 8-digits, use the last six.

If you need assistance, contact the TLC Media Center Attendant at 323.265.8949. In addition, we provided a list of accounts to department chairs and Instructional Assistants who can provide you with that information.