MyMail Instructions 

Faculty MyMail FAQ

No, sorry, we are packing up and moving everybody to the cloud.  We understand your concerns and we will work hand in hand with you and your college IT to keep this as seamless as possible for you.

Employee Login Name and Default Password Format

  • Employee username is your SAP user ID or the same admin email username you been using to login into your office computer. This username will be appended with email address. Example employee ID’s: smithj or
  • Employee default passwords will consist of:

1.) 8@ + the month of your birthdate (MM) + the first character of your last name (capitalized) + the last 4 digits of your SSN 
2.) For example, Joe Smith, who was born on August 9th, and has SSN xxx-xx-1234, his default password would be: 8@08S1234

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be required to update your password.

Yes, your emails and attached data will be secure.  We are using Microsoft Cloud Security that is certified meet US Federal and International Security Standards such as HIPPA and FISMA. 
If you have an email address that does not match your SAP login name or email address in SAP, you may request your local IT add that email address to your account as an alias. Please remember to specify if you want that email address as your primary address that will also send out email. However you will have to use the primary SAP email address for your login.
We are currently importing all existing emails into your new cloud account. You will see them in subfolders named “Import” or some variation of Import with your college name. If you notice any old emails missing, your local IT can make sure to import again. All existing email will still be saved on local servers and will not be lost.
Yes, you will be able to keep your existing email address. Even if you have multiple email addresses due to multiple assignments at different colleges, all email addresses will still receive email into 1 unified Inbox. We will be limited to the email addresses that are in the HR database and have been officially assigned in SAP. You will only be able to send email out from the email address assigned to your PRIMARY assignment in SAP.