State Accountability Data

Chancellor’s Office Data Mart

Contains data on student demographics, enrollments, FTES, outcomes, and faculty and staff.  Data is available for all California community colleges and districts.


The LaunchBoard, a statewide data system supported by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office and hosted by Cal-PASS Plus, provides data to California community colleges on progress, employment, and earnings outcomes for both CTE and non-CTE pathways. It includes the dashboards listed below.

LaunchBoard - Student Success Metrics:

View student progression along various educational journeys, from recruitment to completion, transfer, and the workforce.

LaunchBoard - Community College Pipeline:

Community college offerings, student characteristics, milestones, completion, and employment outcomes to support program review and planning.

LaunchBoard - Adult Education Pipeline:

Comprehensive, multi-level data on student demographics, enrollment, outcomes, types of services received, and employment using new adult education data and accountability metrics.

LaunchBoard - Strong Workforce Program:

View completion, employment and workforce data for the college and region. This may be used for examining long-term outcomes.

LaunchBoard - Guided Pathways:

The Launchboard Guided Pathways Tab offers an easy-to-use interface for retrieving information (participation, first-term momentum, transferable English and math completion, first-year momentum) on selected cohorts from individual colleges.