Scheduling Considerations and Tools


(Tool: Program Completions App on

  • Certificates
  • Degree completers
  • How many completers did we have in the three or four years?
  • How long is it taking most students to complete? Is the getting better or worse?
    • If it’s getting worse, is scheduling a potential road block?
  • Have you looked at your completion data disaggregated by gender and/or ethnicity? If so, are there equity issues?

Allocation and FTES

(Tool:  Schedule Planning App on

  • Did you meet your FTES and efficiency targets for the year?
    • If not, what scheduling strategies can use to meet your targets in the future?
    • 1 FTES is approximately 10 students in a 3-hour class
    • 1 FTES is approximately 5 students in a 6-hour class
  • Did you use all allocated hours from the current year?
    • If not, why not – were there cancellations, unforeseen circumstances, or an issue with demand?
    • Does demand warrant the existing allocation?
  • Strategies:
    • Sequenced courses (aligned with program maps)
    • Appropriate distribution of courses across terms, day of week, time of day, modality, short-term and regular, and site
    • Appropriate course enrollment limits that balance efficiency across the department, division, and college

Scheduling and Distribution of Classes

(Tools: PeopleSoft Galleys, Course Scheduling and Schedule Planning App on

  • Do you have a clear understanding of enrollment demand for each of your courses and how this would affect potential staggering (rotation) and course sequencing?
  • How many of each class section did you offer by term?
    • Does this distribution support completion?
    • Are “fourth semester” classes offered at least once per year?
      • What were the enrollments in the third and fourth semester classes?
  • Have you discussed your course offerings at the South Gate site with the South Gate deans?  What is the goal for your program(s) at the South Gate site?
  • Have you checked the balance of your sections across day of week and time of day?  Are the sizes of your evening and weekend programs appropriate for your program goals and student demand?
  • Have you mapped your classes to make sure that you have enough classrooms to fulfill your scheduling need?
  • What is the planned size of your distance education program? What courses are approved for distance education and how are these being scheduled for program completion?
  • Do you have well-planned short-term offerings that can be taken in sequence and lead to program completion?

Special Programs

  • Have you discussed existing or potential new dual enrollment offerings with the Dual Enrollment Dean?
  • If you have courses in the Honors Program, Delloro, LCTA, STEM Cohort, and College Promise, etc. have you discussed next year’s schedule with the appropriate director?