Program Viability

The Program Viability review process focuses on ways to improve programming and student learning through formal evaluation and collegial dialog. The viability process can lead to recommendations for programmatic improvements up to the discontinuance of a college program. The review seeks to incorporate program evaluations in the shared governance structure and allow for an evaluation of a program by representative faculty, staff, and administrators focused on whether the program continues to be viable. The process for viability review follows:

  • A request for a viability review is made.
  • Approval is granted by PRVC to the Viability Review Committee (VRC) to conduct a Viability Review.
  • OIEA facilitates appointment of members to the Viability Review Committee from these constituencies: administrators, faculty, and staff (when appropriate).
  • The Viability Review Committee meets. At the initial meeting, an overview of the process is discussed. Suggestions and decisions are made about the need for position papers and outside experts. A Unit Profile is created that provides the Viability Review Committee with the data deemed necessary to determine the viability of the unit or program under review. Data may include enrollment trends, student success data, student, faculty and staff responses and other information delineated by the VRC. The completed Unit Profile is distributed to the chair, the manager or the director of the unit under review, and the VRC members.
  • A presentation of the Unit Profile is made.
  • The chair/unit manager/director responds to the Unit Profile and any areas of concern identified by the Viability Review Committee and describes any challenges the unit has faced.
  • A public forum is held so that questions, comments, and concerns can be voiced by members of the campus community.
  • Program Viability Report is prepared by OIEA to include specific recommendations with a timeline for action are presented to the ESGC


Previous Program Viability Reports

Electron Microscopy and Medical Billing Assistant Expedited Program Viability Report(includes recommendations and appendices)  
PACE Viability Report PACE Recommendations
Adelante Viability Report (includes recommendations)  
Men and Women's Physical Education Viability Report (includes recommendations)  

Expedited Program Viability Review

There are currently no programs undergoing Expedited Program Viability Review, due to the archival of required courses, making the degree or certificate program no longer feasible.

Beginning in 2012, the College created and fully implemented a policy for Expedited Program Viability Review for instances when a degree or certificate programs is no longer feasible because a required course has been archived.  Through this process, several programs instituted appropriate modifications while three were approved program discontinuance.  With this ongoing policy, the college better ensures the integrity of all programs offered to students.

  1. Expedited Program Viability Review Policy
  2. Program Discontinuance Request before LACCD Board's Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success Committee, August 21, 2013
  3. Supporting documentation for Program Discontinuance Request before LACCD Board's Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success Committee, August 21, 2013
  4. Discontinuance Presentation to Board IESS Committee, August 21, 2013