EAST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE Supports the spirit of environmental efforts by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Los Angeles basin. The SCAQMD as well as other agencies conduct ongoing investigations into the causes and results of many kinds of environmental pollution. One of the primary factors indicated in their research is that over 50 percent of the air pollution problems in our area are caused by automobiles, trucks, and other "mobile sources." The single largest contributor to our air pollution problem is people who drive vehicles alone to work during the morning commute time. To show our commitment to the improved welfare of the community, we have established a Commuter Program to encourage all of our employees to utilize environmentally responsible modes of transportation when commuting to our college.

The Commuter Program is based on promoting "Ridesharing," or any alternative to driving alone. This includes walking, bicycling, carpooling and public transportation. These modes of transportation reduce the amount of pollution in our environment. We ask all employees to participate in this effort to improve air quality.

To support and encourage alternate modes of transportation we have instituted a number of incentives. Please review and consider your alternatives to driving alone to the college.