Launching Guided Pathways at East Los Angeles College

Attend the Guided Pathways Steering Committee
4th Wednesday of Each Month
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Location:  G1-301AB

Join a Guided Pathways: Redesigning ELAC Work Team

  1. Meta-Majors: Contact Arpi Festekjian,  An exploration of how to structure the meta-majors and places degrees and certificates to make them relevant and easy to access by students.
  2. Academic Mapping: Contact Jessica Hansen,  An exploration of how to use standard rubrics to help programs map out their course sequencing.
  3. Outreach and Workforce: Contact Frank Aguirre, Build on existing career pathways and integrate existing relevant work-based learning pathways into Guided Pathways.
  4. Student Ambassador Team: Contact Dray Banks, A group of student ambassadors (e.g., ASU) who can help mobilize students to take part in the inquiry and design of Guided Pathways. 
  5. Student Services: Contact Dray Banks, An exploration of redesigning student services (e.g., modification to orientation, ed plans, career support). 
  6. Professional Development: Contact Nora Zepeda, Works with ELAC’s Professional Development (PD) office to design GP-focused focused PD activities (e.g., growth mindset, equity).