New Website for ELAC Committees

ATTENTION: All Committee sites are no longer editable and are available as read-only. The new committees website can be accessed by clicking at the button below. Login using your LACCD SSO credentials (same for Outlook, Canvas, and PeopleSoft).

New ELAC Committees Site  

Image of ELAC - Students

  1. Academic Senate
  2. Accreditation Steering Committee
  3. Budget Committee
  4. Curriculum Committee
  5. Distance Education
  6. Educational Planning Subcommittee
  7. Enrollment Management Committee (EMC)
  8. Facilities Planning Sub-committee
  9. Human Resources Committee
  10. Learning Assessment Committee
  11. Offsite Committees Meeting
  12. Professional Development Committee
  13. Program Review and Viability
  14. Shared Governance Council
  15. South Gate College Council
  16. Student Equity Advisory
  17. Student Success
  18. Strategic Planning
  19. Student Success & Support Program
  20. Technology Planning Subcommittee
  21. Transfer Committee
  22. Work Environment Committee