This page connects you with information resources on budgeting by the college, district, and state.

East Los Angeles College

Through its Budget Committee, ELAC practices continuous quality improvement with its budget development process. At least once a year, ELAC reviews and updates its process to ensure financial planning is guided and integrated with the college mission and strategic planning, all constituencies have appropriate participation in financial planning processes, and that decisions and processes designed for effective financial management are transparent to the entire campus community. Revisions to the budget development process are matters of policy incorporated to the ELAC Governance Policy Handbook following vetting by the ELAC Shared Governance Council and approval by the President.

The budget development process can be found in the Implementation and Action section of the ELAC Governance Policy Handbook.

You can gain insight into how to fund a project and the most recent update to the budget development process through the following links:

  How to get funding for project at East Los Angeles College as of 8-4-2015
  Revised Budget Development Process approved by ESGC October 24, 2016

Los Angeles Community College District

The District Budget Committee regularly receives communications about the budget that have particular relevance to ELAC and the other colleges in the district. Here are examples of a more detailed look at the last two final budgets:

  2016-17 Final Budget Allocation memo
  2015-2016 Final Budget Allocation memo
  2014-2015 Final Budget Allocation memo
  2013-2014 Final Budget Allocation memo

In addition to reviewing the Budget memos, I encourage you to learn more about this committee by visiting the District Budget Committee website.

I also encourage you to visit the website for the LACCD Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer for reports on budget, expenditures, and audits. Here are links to recent budget information.

  LACCD Final Budget 2016-2017
  LACCD Tentative Budget 2016-2017
  LACCD Final Budget 2015-2016
  LACCD Tentative Budget 2015-2016
  LACCD Final Budget 2014-2015
  LACCD Tentative Budget 2014-2015
  LACCD Final Budget 2013-2014

The LACCD Board of Trustee’s website is yet another valuable source for budget-related information. In particular, the Standing Committee Agendas webpage has links to meeting documents for the Board’s Budget and Finance Committee that provide information from which you can further analyze district budgeting. For example, go to the committee’s November 30, 2016 supporting documents and check out the last 18 pages for bar graphs on expenditure date and costs per FTES by district and by college.

California Community Colleges

The following resources will be useful for anybody trying learn about budgeting in the California Community Colleges:

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges of two helpful publications from a faculty perspective:

  Budget Considerations: A Primer for Senate Leaders, Fall 2009
  The Faculty Role in Planning and Budgeting, Fall 2001

Below are links on information on what the State of California has in store for community colleges and the state of community college funding in our recent past. The links are organized by the stages of the state budget process: proposed budget in June, the May Revise, the enacted budget in June.

Proposed Budget 2017-18 Summary & Analysis

  CA Governor’s Proposed Budget for 2017-2018, Summary, Higher Education
  CA Proposed Budget 2017-18, BOG California Community Colleges Detail
  CCCCO. Budget 2017-18, January Budget Summary from Vice Chancellor
  CCLC. Budget & Policy Center, January 2017
  LAO. The 2017-18 Budget: Overview of Governor’s Budget

Note: The documents above are in PDF format and will require the PDF plug-in, click here to get a free download.