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The ELAC Human Resources Committee participates in integrated planning through prioritization of new classified staffing requests and classified replacement positions. The committee reviews and analyzes data to assess the need of each requested position within the context of the Program Review Annual Update Planning process and the budget development cycle. The committee's formal recommendation is made to the ELAC Shared Governance Council (ESGC). Upon approval from ESGC, the recommendation is submitted to the President. Through the work of the committee, the college ensures ELAC's Mission Statement and Strategic Plan is implemented.

Academic Senate
Alison Davis, ex-officio

Myeshia Armstrong*, ex-officio
Julie Benavides, ex-officio

AFT Faculty Guild
Laura E. Ramirez, ex-officio

AFT Staff Guild
Rowena Smith-Kersaint*

Building Trades Council

Local 99
Filiberto Barajas

SEIU 721 Supervisors
Aldo Beltran

Angelica Toledo, ex-officio

Unrepresented Classified
Laura Cruz-Atrian

* Co-Chairs