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The Program Review and Viability Committee (PRVC) has the primary responsibility of developing the policies and structure related to program review and program viability.

Program review at East Los Angeles College is a venue through which the college can evaluate its programs in relation to the College Mission and its Strategic Goals and priorities. For example, the program review process promotes a self-reflective evaluation of academic departments whereby faculty can identify programmatic successes within their disciplines, identify areas in need of improvement and establish departmental goals for enhanced programmatic and student success. Ultimately, through comprehensive program self-evaluation and annual updates, all departments and units are engaged in integrated planning, implementation, and evaluation at East Los Angeles College. Moreover, the college utilizes annual update plans and cluster update plans to guide the allocation of resources, thereby ensuring that planning guides budget decisions.

Meeting the College Mission and our goals of success, equity, access, and accountability requires that programs remain relevant and viable for student completion. To deal with instances where the feasibility of offering a program is compromised and the requirements of the applicable state laws and Board Rules are not met, the PRVC has established a process for program viability. Program viability involves in-depth analysis, evaluation by a representative committee, public input, and vetting by shared governance bodies of recommendations that may include departmental reorganization or program modification, improvement, initiation, or discontinuance.

The PRVC meets on a monthly basis to develop and oversee the implementation of the program review, annual update, and viability processes for all campus departments/units and programs. The committee addresses any issues that arise throughout the year, thereby ensuring that processes are continually reviewed and improved. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement works with the PRVC to develop and refine the structure, process, and documentation of Program Review and to provide necessary data appropriate for program evaluation. The PRVC submits policy recommendations to the East Los Angeles College Shared Governance Council (ESGC) for approval.

We encourage you to scroll down for the list of committee members for 2019/20 and use the menu options to your left. In addition to bylaws, minutes, and committee self-evaluations, the Resources page has information links on program review and viability here at ELAC as well as guidance from the district and state sources.


Member Designated Position/Constituency
Jeffrey Hernandez Academic Senate President
David Hale* Academic Senate Vice President
Steve Wardinski Chair, Curriculum Committee
Alison Davis Chair of Chair’s Council Alternate
Michele Benjamin vacant (AFT Alternate) AFT Faculty Chapter President
Rick Crawford Learning Assessment Coordinator
Stuart Souki Department Chair (Liberal Arts & Sciences)
Monica Thurston Department Chair (Workforce Education)


Member Designated Position/Constituency
Ruben Arenas Vice President, Academic Affairs
Myeshia Armstrong Vice President, Administrative Services
Julie Benavides Vice President, Student Services
Kerrin McMahan Dean of Curriculum
Bryan Ventura* Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Advancement


Member Designated Position/Constituency
Juan Deruvia AFT Classified Staff Guild representative
Filiberto Barajas Local 99 representative
vacant SEIU 721 Supervisors representative
Laura Cantu Teamsters representative


Member Designated Position/Constituency
vacant Associated Student Union representative
* Faculty and Administrative Co-Chairs