The resources accessed through this page provide you with insights and background on the following aspects of program review and viability:
  • the key role of program review and viability in the college’s integrated planning,
  • the applicable legal requirements at the district and state level, and
  • guidance on how to use program review and viability processes effectively.
Program Review ↦ Viability at East Los Angeles College

The home page for this committee provides you with a very brief introduction to program review and program viability processes here at East Los Angeles College. For an overview of how these processes are essential to our integrated planning, review the following archival document from a 2012 workshop:

However, program review and viability are not static processes at East Los Angeles College through formative evaluation we continually improve our processes to better ensure institutional effectiveness. By spring of 2015, our processes had undergone further enhancements and those changes were reflected in the college’s Governance Policy Handbook.

The PRVC reviews the Annual Update Plans and tracks the progress made towards completing 2013-19 program review recommendations.

The website for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement has an excellent webpage with links to Comprehensive Program Review Self-Evaluations and Annual Update by all college units and their respective clusters. It also has a separate page which outlines key features of the college’s viability review and has links to recent program viability reports and recommendations.

Applicable Legal Requirements: LACCD & CCCCO

The Board of Trustees for the Los Angeles Community College District have adopted Board Rules that direct colleges to undertake program review and program viability.

These Board Rules are consistent with state law and legal requirements for instructional programs as noted by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office:

Understanding the Challenge for California Community Colleges

Under Title 5, community colleges rely primarily upon Academic Senate recommendations on program review processes. The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges have several relevant publications that provide guidance on program review and discontinuance from a faculty perspective:

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office website provides several helpful links pertaining program viability, including sample procedures for program discontinuance.

Of course, program review is essential to accreditation standards for integrated planning and institutional effectiveness. Though the accreditation standards were recently updated, the following archival document provides samples of college practices that can lead to sustainable continuous quality improvement on program review

For an analytical understanding of how to best utilize program review, check out the following BRIC Technical Assistance Program Inquiry Guide put out by the RP Group, i.e., the Research & Planning Group for California Community Colleges.


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