Shared Governance Policy at ELAC and LACCD

As noted on the home page and the bylaws, the ELAC Shared Governance Committee (ESGC) is the central mechanism for ensuring shared governance on campus. You can find a deeper understanding of ESGC’s role and the nature of shared governance at ELAC through its Governance Policy Handbook. Moreover, since ELAC is one of nine colleges within the LACCD, you may find helpful to peruse the District Governance and Functions Handbook and updates.

Shared Governance Constituencies

You will learn from the ELAC Governance Policy Handbook that there are several campus constituencies that are assured particular roles in campus governance based on state law and/or district policy. You observed the names of these faculty, staff, administrator, and student constituent groups in the membership list on the home page of this site. You may learn more about these constituent groups by visiting the following links: