Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:


Interested in Offering a PD Workshop/Activity?

We are always looking for new workshops/training/speakers on a variety of topics. If you are interested in offering one, please complete our simple PD Workshop Form.


How do I check how many Flex Hours I have completed? 

The Vision Resource Center allows you to check how which activities you have received Flex credit for. In the homepage please click on the circle called Total PD Hours. Then on the following page please refresh the information to get up to date information. For more detailed on how to check please click here.


Need help logging into the Vision Resource Center? 

Please go to and log in using your SIS credentials (your e-mail username and password). After logging in, select the Vision Resource Center. If you forgot your credentials or are having trouble logging in, please contact IT: 

Phone Number: 213-338-8557 



What is a Transcript? 

Your learning transcript is similar to a student transcript. It is a list of the professional learning activities you have started and completed. All activities under completed have received Flex credit. To view your Transcript, click on the round “My Transcript” button on your Welcome Page. When you first access your transcript, it may be blank. Time to add some learning! 


How do I Register for Workshops?

To register for workshops/trainings, you need to find them in the Calendar and register for them by clicking on the “Request” button. The event coordinator may also send you a link to register. Please make sure you are logged into your account and then click on the link.


Note: The software refers to registering as a “Request” but that is a term in the software; it does not necessarily mean that any approval is required.


How do I Submit PD/Flex Activities (External Training) to My Transcript?

External Training refers to any activities that do NOT appear in the Vision Resource Center, such as a professional conference. The majority of these are activities that take place outside of ELAC. When creating and submitting and External Training, please make sure it is well-planned, professionally appropriate, documented, described in detail, and aligned with PD’s Flex Handbook. 


To add an External Training, navigate to your Welcome Page under Home in the upper left, and click the Enter Flex Activity or Enter PD Activity. Then, complete the Add External Training form. Documentation is mandatory. The PD Office will verify and mark as complete. 


I attended a meeting, workshop, and/or completed training in the Vision Resource Center, but it does NOT appear as "completed" in my Transcript. Why? Who should I contact?


All workshops, meetings, or trainings have an assigned "instructor(s)" who verifies attendance and marks as "complete."  Once this step is completed, your activity will appear as "complete" in your transcript. Please contact the instructor of record to follow up on this step.