Guided Self-Placement (Math)

This alternative assessment is intended to assist students who are not eligible for Multiple Measures. Please read the information below before participating in the Guided Self-Placement process.

  1. All students may enroll directly into English 101 (College Reading & Composition I). English 101 is now an open-entry course (no clearance necessary).
  2. All students may enroll directly into Math 125 (Intermediate Algebra). Math 125 is now an open-entry course (no clearance necessary). For students who find Math challenging, we encourage them to consider Math 125S (Math 125 + Support).

If a student decides to enroll in English 101 & Math 125 (or 125S), then no further assessment is required. Students who seek a math placement above Math 125 are encouraged to participate in Guided Self-Placement.

How The Process Works

Please note that Guided Self-Placement is not a test. The process involves completing a form where students will answer questions about their familiarity of Math concepts. Based on their Math background and our recommended guidelines, students will indicate the Math course they wish to be placed into (e.g. Math 215, 227, 230, 235, 236, 241, 245, 260 and/or 261).

Students may visit the Assessment Center to obtain and submit a Guided Self-Placement form. Students who are unsure which Math course to select (due to major) will need to meet with a Counselor to complete the Guided Self-Placement process.

For more information, please call (323) 415-4141 or visit the Assessment Center (E1-183).