Student Employment Services

Welcome Statement

Student Employment Services (SES) at East Los Angeles College assists students’ exploration of part-time, on campus-employment. By providing students with opportunities to explore and engage in various on-campus part-time positions, SES strives to offer practical ways for students to earn income, gain valuable hands-on work experience, and build upon their skill sets. Our goal is to serve as a centralized location for Students, Staff, Faculty, and other members of the ELAC community to seek information, resources, and guidance. SES strives to provide students with opportunities to explore and engage in various employment opportunities as well as gain skills to improve marketability for professional employment and build upon career readiness.


Our goals are to:

  1. Guide ELAC students through the process of finding on-campus employment.
  2. Support students through their professional development and career exploration experiences.
  3. Assist Supervisors with training, resources, and support for onboarding and managing student employees.

Connect with SES today:

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