Resources for ELAC Supervisors

The purpose of student employment is to provide East Los Angeles College students with valuable work experience and opportunities for professional growth and exploration. ELAC students will develop professional experience through hands-on learning in the workplace in conjunction with continued training and support.

As a Supervisor, you are encouraged to:

  1. Become familiar with student employment policies and procedures in order to increase communication between student, supervisor, and SES.
  2. Keep track of your student’s assignment; make sure the student does not work beyond the end date of assignment or exceed the hours approved to work each week.
  3. Review student timesheets to verify all hours reported are accurate. Timesheets must be submitted weekly to ensure students are paid.
  4. Model professional behavior for student employees and provide a positive working environment for students to thrive in the department.
  5. Support the training and professional development of your student employees, encouraging the attendance of SES Student Workshops.

Steps to hire & supervise student employees

Step 1: Identify open positions in your department

Supervisors interested in hiring Student Employees MUST complete the Student Employment Job Request form and submit to Student Employment Services. Submission of the form does not guarantee that all open vacancies will be filled.

Student Employees can be funded through the following sources:

  1. Department Budget
  2. CalWORKs
  3. Federal Work Study

All on-campus positions are posted on ELAC’s online job board, College Central Network (CCN) by Student Employment Services. This allows for all on-campus employment to be centralized for students which allows students to search for positions at their convenience.

Step 2: Hire

Student employees must interview with the hiring Supervisor. During the interviews, Supervisors are expected to:

  1. Review student resumes
  2. Ensure work hours do not conflict with the student’s class schedule.
  3. Be consistent with interview questions for all candidates.

New student employees must complete the LACCD District hiring packet. As part of the hiring process, LACCD student employees:

  1. Cannot be on academic or progress probation.
  2. Must maintain a minimum cumulative and last semester GPA of 2.0 in all coursework completed.
  3. Must be enrolled full-time* (12 units) and maintain enrollment throughout the semester.
    *Exceptions may apply for Federal work-study & CalWORKs.
  4. Complete the District hiring packet including the TB test & live scan

Processing of Student Employee paperwork can take anywhere between 2-5 weeks from District Office.


Step 3: Manage

Supervisors are notified via email of District clearance and next steps for initiating the assignment.

On the Student Employee’s first day, please take the time to review important departmental policies. SES has created a onboarding checklist to help you navigate the first day with your new employee.

Click here to download SES Onboarding Checklist!

Student Employment Services provides various trainings throughout the academic year beneficial to both supervisors and students.

Keep in mind as a Supervisor you should maintain accountability at all times. Supervisors do this by:

  1. Providing ongoing communication and feedback
  2. Serving as a mentor and professional role model
  3. Acknowledge your student employees’ contributions to your department