How do I Apply for Graduation?

Students can apply for graduation by making an appointment to meet with a counselor. During the appointment, the counselor will evaluate all student records and determine if all necessary requirements have been, or are in the process of being, met. Students should have a graduation petition processed in the spring semester in which their last required coursework is being completed. If the student’s last required coursework will be taken in the summer term, students may participate in the college’s graduation ceremony but will not be able to apply for graduation until the summer term. The counseling department processes graduation petitions in all terms except for the winter intersession.

If you want your Name in the Graduation Brochure, read below:
In order to have your name printed in the graduation brochure, you will need to process your graduation petition before it goes to print. Please check with Counseling or Admissions and Records for deadline information. If you process your petition after the deadline, you may still participate in the graduation ceremony but your name will not be in the graduation brochure. You name, however, will be called at the time of graduation as you will have a name card available to provide to the name caller at the ceremony.