The Role of the Marshal

Some faculty members may serve as Marshals on graduation day. These individuals will be primarily responsible for keeping both faculty and students organized and well informed regarding anything pertaining to graduation functions on the day of the ceremony.

Graduation Marshals will:

  • Assist graduates with putting on their regalia
  • Verify that the graduates are lined up in two orderly tandem lines
  • Escort faculty and graduates out to the field where the graduation ceremony will take place
  • Maintain order during the graduation ceremony
  • Assist students/faculty with any needs they may have (i.e. feeling sick, giving directives)
  • Direct students onto stage by allowing students to proceed to stage row by row
  • Call campus sheriff deputies for assistance in case of emergencies
  • Escort Graduates off the field once the ceremony has ended
  • Answer questions graduates may pose, examples:
    • Where do I line up?
    • What is the order of the Graduate line up?
    • A Graduate forgot their name card what do I do?