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Club’s Mission Statement  The Undocu-huskies Scholars emerged as a group for leadership, education, development and policy on immigrant issues among our Community. As a student group that struggles on a daily basis in common situations such as attending College, we advocate to ensure immigration youth continue to receive education that will impact their lives. All people have the right to learn and pursue their dreams regardless of immigration status or financial situation. As a family, we provide support to undocumented students at East Los Angeles College. If we do not have the resources to support you, we are going to make sure to connect you with institutions, organizations and supporters off-campus. Our main mission is to support the advancement of undocumented students within higher education and promote pathways for engaged scholarship. We advocate for equitable student support services and opportunities, in order to achieve a healthier campus climate not only with other students but among faculty and staff. We want to ensure that all the resources to accomplish a successful transfer to a 4-year degree university are at your fingertips. We encourage everyone to join us, including allies.