Caregiver Resources

California Ombudsman for Foster Care
Help Line 1-877-846-1602
The Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman ensures that the voice of foster children and youth is heard and act on their behalf.

The Alliance for Children’s Rights
3333 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 550
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 368-6010
A law firm providing advocacy and representation for children and youth.

Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles
201 Centre Plaza Drive, Suite 7
Monterey Park, CA 91754-2175
Tel: (323) 980-7700

Public Counsel
601 S. Ardmore Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Tel: (213) 385-2977
Tel: (800) 870-8090

California Department of Developmental Services
For information on Regional centers that are contract with the Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK)
TASK serves families of children aged birth to 22 years of age under IDEA and other systems mandated to provide services to individuals with disabilities. TASK provides advocacy information, workshops and information in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.
(714) 533-8275


G.A.P. “Grandparents as Parents”
Support Group and Resources for Relative Caregivers.

The Whole Child (Formerly the Intercommunity Guidance Center)

The California Department of Social Services
For CA state updates and laws pertaining to Foster Care

Caregiver Advocacy Network (CAN)

Los Angeles County Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS)

Los Angeles County Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS)

Foster Care Hotline & Adoptions Assistance Hotline
(800) 697-4444

Foster Care Recruitment Hotline/Adoptions
(888) 811-1121

Foster Care Support Services
(213) 639-4035

Child Protection Hotline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
(800) 540-4000

Additional Resources


Independent Living Program - This site provides resources and services for current and former foster youth. Resources include housing, healthcare, education, employment, mentoring, legal assistance and more! A fun, safe and secure website that both caregivers and youth can explore together to help the emancipation process.


Parents' Place Family Resource Center - A resource center for families with children with developmental delays, developmental and learning disabilities. The center provides parent-to-parent support, resources, and information.


A multi-facetted mental health and residential agency. Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services awarded a wraparound contract in April 2006. Wraparound is a family centered innovative intervention that works to ensure child safety and achieve permanence for children and families. A model that is community based, an intervention that focuses on child and family strengths. An intervention that is intensive, comprehensive and culturally appropriate. Our team consists of a facilitator, a child and family specialist, a parent partner and therapist. Please call us at (626) 859-2089 for inquiries or visit our web site at


The Girl Blue Project - a center founded to re-educate, motivate and empower teen girls, 14 to 18 years old, in Los Angeles County. The project was designed to focus on the social and emotional problems of teen girls and how these issues affect their ability to learn and lead productive, fulfilling lives. Summer classes foster a creative environment that promotes discipline, structure, accountability, self-respect, self-acceptance and empowerment through a curriculum of classes in yoga, performing arts, health education, financial education, social skills and self-awareness.