ELAC Student Commencement Etiquette:

Students who arrive after the Commencement processional has concluded must sit behind the seated graduates. After crossing the stage these graduates should return to their original seats so that they avoid disruption.

We are counting on our Commencement Marshals to strictly enforce the expectation that all graduates are expected to remain for the entire ceremony, and to participate in both the processional and recessional in an orderly manner.

Commencement is both a joyful occasion and a solemn event. Graduates are requested to advise their family and friends to express their excitement in ways that will not prevent others from hearing the speaker, and enjoying the ceremony. Graduates are not to display inappropriate or exaggerated behavior as participants in the ceremony.

Please be respectful and mindful when using your cellphones.

Alcohol and other illegal substances are not permitted on the ELAC campus. Security will be present to remove anyone that is identified to have alcohol/ illegal substances and will prohibit those from marching that may already be under the influence.

Commencement closes with the recessional. All graduates are expected to participate in both the processional and the recessional. We have requested they do not make plans that will require them to leave the ceremony before it ends. We make every attempt to keep the commencement ceremony to a reasonable length. However, we recommend any plans for post-ceremony celebrations to be made a reasonable time after the ceremony ends to allow for travel time.