Student Health Insurance Plan for                        F-1 Visa Students

All F1 international students are required to enroll in a student health insurance plan through the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). 

About Your Policy

Your medical provider is AETNA and will be Administered by LewerMark.  Click here for Medical Insurance Plan Information.

Questions about your policy? Contact LewerMark by calling 800-821-7710 or emailing

Included in your Policy is Scholastic Emergency Services (SES), an Assist America Partner to help in the event of an emergency. SES offers a wide variety of services in your language: 877-488-9833.

Student Insurance Login: LewerMark 

  1. Your member ID card:  Click here for How to Print My Insurance ID Card Video
  2. Find a Doctor tool
  3. Speak to a Registered Nurse, available 24/7                                 (MyNurse: 866-549-5076)
  4. Emotional Support, available 24/7 (My SSP: 866-743-7732)

Coverage Dates & Cost

  1. Fall Semester: August 15th - January 31, 2022 | COST: $677.58
  2. Spring Semester: February 1st - August 14, 2022 | COST: $677.58

*Please note that the fees for the medical insurance policy are subject to change without prior notice.

Understanding Health Insurance in the U.S.

The health care system in the U.S. is quite different than in most other countries. Please watch these useful videos for more information about your student health insurance plan.

Health Insurance 101

Using Your Health Insurance

Deductibles, Coinsurance and Copays

Students can also seek services through LiveChat with the college campus Student Health Center before visiting the doctor (unless it is an emergency).