Winter/Spring 2021 ONLINE COURSES

Winter & Spring 2021 Registration is now here!

There are a few changes made to the way  you will be certifying for your VA Educational Benefits this Winter and Spring 2021 session. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current "Stay at Home" Directive by the state of California, the Veterans Resource Center at East Los Angeles College has had to change the way we provide our student services. The change to a virtual modality requires that you complete your VA Certification forms online now and submit them by email. If you are a Guest Student at ELAC using VR&E benefits, your Parent School will need to submit a "PSL" (Parent School Letter) to the School Certifying Official at East Los Angeles College. In addition, your VR&E counselor will need to submit a separate digital authorization form (Form 1905/Purchase Order) in the Tungsten Network for the Guest campus (ELAC). Please reach out to your VR&E counselor and the School Certifying Official (SCO) at your home campus in order to get the required forms sent to us in order to certify you for benefits.
Your VR&E Counselor may need this information in order to submit the Digital Authorization:
  • Tax ID Number for ELAC is: 95258735314
  • Tax ID Number for LACCD is: 952587353
  • Facility Code for ELAC is : 14948405
If you are an ELAC student veteran who is receiving Chapter 31 benefits, your process for receiving your books and paying for tuition has also changed. The specific process will be listed in detail below: 

VR&E - Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Certification Process

Beginning January of this year, the VR&E implemented a new system of invoicing and billing using the Tungsten Network. In order to get certified for your Winter and Spring 2021 courses, your counselor will need to ensure they have input the digital authorization form (Form 1905/Purchase Order) in the invoicing system.  Once the School Certifying Official received the authorization, and your VA Certification form (available here: VETERAN REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATION FORM ), they will process the request and notify the bookstore and fiscal services in order to allow you to purchase your books online and get your tuition and fees paid for.


Purchasing Your Books

We have asked the bookstore to create an online payment option for our VR&E student veterans that will allow you to get your authorized books delivered to your home within 2-3 business days of ordering them online. Unfortunately, the bookstore will not be able to provide any authorized supplies for online purchase and will need to be purchased out of pocket elsewhere by the student veteran and then reimbursed by the VR&E department directly to the student veteran.

When you receive the notification from the School Certifying Official that your VA Certification has been processed, you can then proceed to purchase your books from the ELAC Bookstore. You can now schedule a curb-side pickup or have your books shipped to you by UPS Ground.

You will notice this on the ELAC bookstore indicating that they are now allowing students to purchase their textbooks online using the "EAST A/R CHARGE - VETERANS" option at checkout (see screenshot below):
Where you are ready to check out and pay for  your books, select the following option:
Your textbook order will be processed the next business day provided that your order was received the previous day by 12:00 pm.
Please allow 2-3 days for receipt of  your books. A tracking number will be provided by the ELAC bookstore to ensure can follow the delivery (unless you scheduled a curb-side pickup).
To speak to a School Certifying Official regarding your GI Bill Benefits or the new VR&E certification process, click on the link below to LiveChat with one of our staff members:

LiveChat with VRC Staff