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Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)-SB1456

Student Success and Support Program

Senate Bill 1456 revised and renamed the Matriculation Act of 1986 as the Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012. Signed by Governor Brown on September 27, 2012, the program began on January 1, 2013 and will be implemented through stages over a five-year period. The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) supports the transition of new students into the college by providing services that promote academic achievement and successful completion of degrees, transfer preparation, career technical education certificates, or career advancement.

SSSP Mission

To increase community college student access and success by providing effective core services, including orientation, assessment and placement, counseling, academic advising, and early intervention. SSSP ensures student equity in assessment, student services, and access to college resources and provides a foundation for students to achieve their educational goals.

Effective Fall 2014, based on student responses to the East Los Angeles College application for admission, students will be identified as matriculating or non-matriculating. Students identified as matriculating are referred to core matriculation services: assessment placement, orientation, and counseling.

Students must complete the assessment placement, orientation, and counseling (Abbreviated Student Educational Plan) prior to their priority registration date and time. Abbreviated Student Educational Plans (SEPs) are obtained by meeting with a counselor.

After registration and sometime during the semester, a Comprehensive Student Educational Plan must be completed within a reasonable time period by making an appointment to meet with a counselor. Non-matriculating students are exempt from participating in the core matriculation services, but are advised to access these services if they plan to pursue a degree or certificate.

For more information on SSSP, please visit the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • All Students shall be required to:
    1. Identify an educational and career goal
    2. Diligently engage in course activities and complete assigned coursework
    3. Complete courses and maintain progress toward an education goal and completing a course of study
  • Matriculating students must:
    1. Identify a course of study
    2. Participate in the assessment placement process
    3. Complete an orientation activity provided by the college
    4. Participate in counseling to develop at minimum an abbreviated student education plan
  • Failure to complete a, b, c and d (above) may result in a hold on a student's registration or loss of registration priority until the services have been completed.
  • A comprehensive student educational plan must be completed by the 3rd semester or after completion of 15 semester units of degree applicable coursework (effective Fall 2015).

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