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East Los Angeles College


Respiratory Therapy Club


ELAC Faculty and Students at 2015 AARC Convention Tampa Bay 2015 AARC Convention Tampa Bay

Breathing is a part of life; we can’t live without it. What happens when we can’t breathe anymore? Is it all over? This is one scenario of where Respiratory Therapists come in. As RTs, our scope varies from treating a person having an asthma attack to BREATHING for a person when they can’t breathe on their own.

I am proud to be part of a program that is so well respected and admired. The RT Program at ELAC/SMC trains you to become an Advanced Respiratory Therapist who is skilled in all aspects of how the human body functions relative to breathing. And breathing is related to EVERY PART of OUR BODIES. The experience you will acquire during this program is overwhelming at times, but amazing. Becoming part of the RT Club will take your experience from amazing to PRICELESS. RT Club helps you branch out of the school environment, and into the real world.

We are not only students, but future therapists. We work together helping save lives…one breath at a time. I also want to add that we are representing not only ourselves, but our program. ELAC/SMC students are expected to be intelligent, compassionate, respectful, thoughtful, & responsible. I believe that together we can continue making a resonant impact on the people with whom we cross paths.

Joining the RT Club only enhances your understanding. The skills necessary for becoming an exceptional RT are within reach. Become a part of something bigger: Join the RT club.