About Real Estate Studies

Do you want to own real estate, be a property manager, be a mortgage lender or be a real estate agent? The East Los Angeles College Real Estate business department can help you along your journey to becoming a real estate professional. The real estate courses have been designed for students who plan to enter the field in such areas as sales, brokerage, lending, property management, and escrows. The courses also prepare students to qualify for the real estate sales and brokers examinations.

Courses in Real Estate: Take a course and build your knowledge in various real estate fields such as property management, real estate sales and leasing, property development, or mortgage lending.

Real Estate 01 – Real Estate Principles 
Real Estate 03 – Real Estate Practices 
Real Estate 05 – Legal Aspects of Real Estate I 
Real Estate 07 – Real Estate Finance 1 
Real Estate 09 – Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate 11 – Escrow Principles 
Real Estate 14 – Property Management 
Real Estate 17 – Mortgage Loan Brokering 
Real Estate 21 – Real Estate Economics 
Real Estate 24 – Common Interest Developments 
Cooperative Education 931 – Real Estate 
Cooperative Education 941 – Real Estate 

Additional Details Regarding These Courses from the ELAC General Catalog:

Real Estate: Skills Certificate, Certificates of Achievement, and Associate Degree in Real Estate. 

Build your resume or follow a well-rounded path toward understanding what it means to be a real estate professional. Here at ELAC, you have several opportunities to build your knowledge and build your resume in real estate so you can be an investor or advance in a real estate and property career.

Real Estate Agent – Skills Certificate (3 Units)
Real Estate Escrow – Skills Certificate  (9 Units)
Real Estate Sales - Skills Certificate (9-11 Units)
Real Estate Broker - Certificates of Achievement (24-26 Units)
Real Estate - Associate Degree Programs (60 Units)

Career Opportunities: Start or run your own real estate business, manage properties or work in real estate services such as real estate escrow, insurance, or finance. 

Real Estate Career:

Real Estate License Exam:

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Check out the programs at the California State University (CSU) where you can get a business degree and emphasis in real estate.

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