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Dolores Huerta

The Chicana/o Studies Department at East Los Angeles College offers a wide variety of courses regarding the Chicano, Latino and Central American experience in the United States. Students enrolled in our program develop a vast array of knowledge about the nation's fastest growing population.

A study of Chicanos, Latinos and Central Americans further positions students to participate in a multicultural society, understand ethnic, racial and cultural diversity in the U.S. and compete in an increasingly global job market. A major in Chicana/o Studies prepares students at the undergraduate level for a multitude of exciting careers. Students earning a degree in Chicana/o Studies may pursue careers in education, law, social services, public administration, business, health, the arts and more.

New Central American Studies Program

rigobertamenchuEast Los Angeles College has a new Central American Studies program, which currently offers two courses. Chicana/o Studies 031 explores the contemporary experiences of Central Americans in the United States and Central America. Chicana/o Studies 033 is a survey history course that explores the roots of Central Americans from the Pre-Colombian Era to the Civil Wars in the late 20th century.

Both of these courses are transferrable to any university within the UC and CSU system. Specifically these courses fulfill IGETC AREA 4C and CSU GE AREA D3.

Course Decriptions

Chicana/o Studies 031 - This course introduces the Central American experience in the United States with an emphasis on the transnational connections between the countries of origin and communities in the United States.

Chicana/o Studies 033 - This course explores the diverse history of issues informed by race, gender, ethnicity, the environments and social classes in the Central American community in Latin America and the United States

These courses are the first of their kind at the community college level in the state of California and there are no pre-requisites for any of these courses.

For more information, contact Andrew Monzon.

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