Central American Studies Courses

East Los Angeles College offers three courses in Central American Studies. Students interested in learning about the diverse Central American communities in the United States are highly encouraged to enroll. All three courses are UC/CSU transferrable.


Chicana/o Studies 031: The Central American Experience (3) UC:CSU IGETC Area 4C

This course introduces the Central American experience in the United States with emphasis on the transnational connections between the countries of origin and the communities of residence in the United States. Students learn about the conditions in Central America that lead to emigration to the United States. Additionally, the course investigates specific challenges faced by Central American migrants on their journeys to the United States. The course also examines support networks established in the United States to help these communities adapt to their new homeland.

Chicana/o Studies 032: Central American Literature (3) UC:CSU IGETC Area 4C

This course critically examines Central American literary traditions from pre-Hispanic times to the present. The course focuses on 20th and 21st century literary movements as they explore the historical and political context in which Central American art is produced and the ways in which literary production contributes to the construction of a contemporary version of Central American identity.

Chicana/o Studies 033: Introduction to Central American Studies (3) UC:CSU IGETC Area 4C

This course familiarizes students with the rich heritage of Central America and the social, economic, political, and cultural foundations of the region. It explores the diversity of issues informed by race, gender, ethnicity, the environments, and social classes in the Central American community in Latin America and the United States.