Welcome to the Modern Languages Department!

The Modern Languages Department at East LA College is committed to the teaching of languages, literatures, and cultures as an indispensable part of a curriculum that aims to foster linguistic and communicative competence in order to compete in a highly interconnected world. By adhering to student-centered teaching, we hope to develop the skills and instill the values necessary for students to pursue life-long learning as essential to their personal and professional development. Our programs promote multilingualism as a valuable tool necessary to operate effectively in our global context. Most importantly, our courses can serve as a platform that allows students to see themselves as stewards of the rich linguistic and cultural landscape that characterizes Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Eldy Dean, Chair

Contact Information

Chairperson Email Phone # Office
Prof. Eldy Dean deanec@elac.edu (323) 780-6840 E3-100E
Irene Mah y Busch mahybuia@elac.edu (323) 780-6798 E3-100E
American Sign Language
Dr. Tomás García garciat@elac.edu (323) 780-6841 E3-100E
Prof. Nicholas Zerlentes zerlennp@elac.edu (323) 780-6748 E3-100E
Prof. Rongwen Liu liur@elac.edu (323) 780-6839 E3-100E
Dr. Lynn Vogel-Zuiderweg vogelzlc@elac.edu (323) 415-5022 E3-100E
Prof. Hiroko Furuyama Chao furuyah@elac.edu (323) 265-8871 E3-100E
Prof. Sanae Jennings jenninse@elac.edu (323) 780-6749 E3-100E
Prof. Elva Hernández hernanel@elac.edu (323) 265-8872 E3-100E
Prof. Sara Maga magasl@elac.edu (323) 780-6745 E3-100E
Prof. Othón Olivas olivaso@elac.edu (323) 780-6803 E3-100E
Dr. Norma Vega vegan@elac.edu (323) 780-6799 E3-100E
Dr. Lynn Vogel-Zuiderweg vogelzlc@elac.edu (323) 415-5022 E3-100E
Prof. Nora Zepeda zepedans@elac.edu (323) 568-5805 SGEC-119