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Important Announcement from Computer Science Information Technology (CSIT) Discipline CO SCI Classes Changed to CIS and CS Effective Spring 2020:

CO SCI 200


CIS 123

Microcomputers in Business

CO SCI 201


CIS 101

Introduction to Computers and Their Uses

CO SCI 208


CIS 111

Programming in Visual BASIC

CO SCI 211


CIS 162

Cyber Security I

CO SCI 212


CIS 222

PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting

CO SCI 216


CIS 130

Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization

CO SCI 224


CIS 119

Programming in Python

CO SCI 233


CIS 120

Introduction to Databases

CO SCI 234


CIS 111

Supporting Windows Desktops

CO SCI 236


CIS 136

Introduction to Data Structures

CO SCI 237   210 Introduction to Networking

CO SCI 238


CIS 211

Advanced Visual Basic Programming

CO SCI 240


CIS 216

Object Oriented Programming in C++

CO SCI 243


CIS 116

Programming in C++

CO SCI 246


CIS 213

Advanced Programming in Java

CO SCI 252


CIS 131

Discrete Structures for Computer Science

CO SCI 257


CIS 146

Introduction to Web Page Design

CO SCI 258


CIS 152

Server-Side Ruby Web Programming

CO SCI 259


CIS 147

CIWA Web Page Authoring Fundamentals

CO SCI 262


CIS 112

Programming in JavaScript

CO SCI 276


CIS 192

Introduction to Cloud Computing

CO SCI 277


CIS 193

Database Essentials in Amazon Web Services

CO SCI 278


CIS 194

Computer Engines in Amazon Web Services

CO SCI 279


CIS 195

Security in Amazon Web Services

CO SCI 290


CIS 113

Programming in Java

CO SCI 295


CIS 115

Programming in C#

Fulfill your passion in the business world by pursuing one of the many options available through the Business Department at East Los Angeles College. The need for well-trained individuals with knowledge of business, marketing, law, accounting, computer science, and management has never been higher, and courses offered by the Business Department will give you the skills and confidence to enter the job market for in demand careers.

The Business Administration Department offers courses in nine business disciplines, culminating in 8 Skills Certificates, 6 Certificates of Achievement, and 6 Associate Degrees. So, no matter where your interest in business leads you, the Business Department has an opportunity for you to pursue.

The Business Administration Department offers courses in the following nine business disciplines:

  1. Accounting
  2. Business
  3. Computer Science Information Technology
  4. Finance
  5. Law
  6. Management
  7. Marketing
  8. Real Estate
  9. Supervision

Students interested in pursuing a career in business, the Business Administration Department invites you to attend a meeting at either the Business and Entrepreneurship Club or the Accounting Club. Both clubs have full-time Business Department faculty as advisors, and provide a collegial atmosphere to learn about business and to make friends with similar interests.

In addition to the courses currently offered, the Business Administration Department is continually updating its curriculum and now offers the following new courses for the Spring Semester 2018:

Computer Science Information Technology

  1. Computer Architecture
  2. Assembly Language