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Every organization needs to attract customers. The courses, certificate, and associate degree in Business Marketing are designed to teach students foundational marketing concepts. These courses help students understand traditional marketing, social media marketing, sales, advertising, and promotion to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with a target customer.

Courses in Marketing: Take a course and build your knowledge in various Marketing aspects such as Sales, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Merchandising

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Build your resume or follow a well-rounded path toward understanding what it means to be a real estate professional. Here at ELAC, you have three opportunities to build your knowledge and build your resume in real estate so you can be an investor or advance in a real estate and property career.

Career Opportunities: Start or run your own real estate business, manage properties or work in real estate services such as real estate escrow, insurance, or finance.

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Do you want to transfer into a Business Administration Degree program and emphasis in Marketing? Here are some examples.

Check out these options with the California State University system:

Check out the University of Southern California Marketing program:

Check out the Loyola Marymount University Marketing program:

Check out the University of California Irvine Marketing program:

Check out the University of California Riverside Marketing program:

Marketing Courses


This course covers the basic principles of selling with emphasis on the partnering process, with recognition of multiple sales models. Additionally this course focuses on the total go-to-market strategies. Emphasis is placed on person-to-person sales strategies and understand­ing buyers’ social styles, and recognizing multiple sales models.


This course introduces students to the role of advertising in our economy. It gives a comprehensive overview of the planning and managing of advertising. The course also covers Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) using a wide range of coordinated promotional tools, social media, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.


This course equips students with basic knowledge on how to use digital and social media to achieve business and marketing goals and focuses on web marketing, social media marketing channels, social media marketing strat­egies, social media analytics, and emerging trends in dig­ital and social media. Students learn how to use digital and social media to market businesses domestically and globally.