Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM)


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Acquire math skills and scientific logic to solve problems and explore new scientific and technological advancements. Discover the laws of physical and natural sciences to understand and influence the world around you. Learn how to provide computer information technology skills to companies and organizations. Learn the computer-aided skills needed for a competitive career in the engineering and mechanical industry.



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Engineering and Computer Science

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate
3D Mapping for GIS Applications SC
3D Modeling for Building Information Modeling (BIM) Application SC
A+ Certification Training SC
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technician C
Animation AA
Animation (Level I) C
Animation (Level II) C
Automobile Technology AS C
Automotive Customer Service Management SC
Automotive Fundamentals C
Automotive Technology C
Basic Math Success C
Basic Skills Mathematics Preparation C
Biology AS-T
Biotechnology C
Chemistry Technician AS C
Cloud Computing C
Cloud Computing I SC
Computer Essentials SC
Computer Science Information Technology AA
Computer Science Information Technology - Microcomputers C
Computer Science Information Technology--Programming C
Cooling System and Climate Control Specialist C
Cooling Systems and Climate Control Specialist C
Cyber Security SC
Drivetrain Specialist C
Engine Performance and Drivability C
Engine Performance and Driveability C
Engineering Graphics C SC
Engineering Graphics & Design Technology AS
Engineering Technologies and Applications C
Engineering Technology: Advanced Manufacturing AS
Engineering Technology: Industrial AS
Engineering Technology: Mechanical AS
Environmental Studies- Biology AA
Environmental Studies- Physical Sciences AA
Geo-Spatial Engineering and Technologies AS C
Geography AA-T
Geology AS-T
IT Technician Pathway: Stage I Computer Retail Sales and Support C
IT Technician Pathway: Stage 1 Computer Retail Sales and Support C
IT Technician Pathway: Stage 2 Help Desk User Support C
IT Technician Pathway: Stage 3 IT Technician C
LabVIEW Certification SC
Land Surveying C
Land Surveying Technician Certificate I SC
Land Surveying Technician Certificate II SC
Land Surveying Technician for High School Students SC
Mathematics AS-T AA AS
Network + SC
Physics AS-T
Programming and Problem Solving SC
Programming Certification SC
Property Boundaries for Real Estate and Land Surveying SC
Respiratory Therapy AS C
Rocketry Level 1 Certification SC
Sustaining Energy Certification SC
Undercar Specialist SC

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