Arts, Media, and Design



Express your creativity visually through drawing, painting, photography, image editing, digital art, and more. Study all aspects of performing arts, including dance, music, and theatre production. Acquire design techniques and principles for practical uses of art, such as architectural design, costume design and stage design.






Performing Arts


Certificate of Achievement

  • Guitar Focus

  • Piano Focus

  • String Focus

  • Vocal Focus


Arts, Media, and Design Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate
3D Mapping for GIS Applications SC
Acting SC
Animation AA
Animation (Level I) C
Animation (Level II) C
Architectural Design AA C SC
Architectural Professional Practice SC
Architectural Sustainability and BIM SC
Architectural Technology AA C SC
Art History AA-T
Arts Graphic Communication AA C
Black and White Darkroom Laboratory Processing SC
Color Printing and Processing C
Commercial Music and Recording Arts AA
Commercial Music: Instrumental/Vocal Performer C
Commercial Music: Jazz Studies C
Commercial Music: Music Arranging C
Commercial Music: Music Notation C
Commercial Music: Music Technology C
Costume Construction C
Costume Design & Application SC
Costume Design and Technology C
Creative Drama SC
Dance Applied AA
Dance Performance AA
Desktop Publishing AA C
Digital Imaging C
Directing SC
Inter-Generational Drama SC
Language & Dialects SC
Large Format Photography C
Makeup & Design Application SC
Multimedia AA
Multimedia (Level I) C
Multimedia (Level II) C
Museum Studies C
Music AA-T AA
Photography AA
Photography & Digital Imaging C
Photography and Digital Imaging C
Portrait Photography SC
Script Analysis SC
Sewing Essentials and Alterations C
Shakespeare Acting SC
Stage Craft SC
Stage Management and Production C
Studio Arts AA-T
Studio Lighting and Techniques C
Tailoring C
Technical Theatre and Entertainment Technology C
Theater AA
Theatre Arts AA-T
Theatre in the Community C
Theatrical Lighting SC
Theatrical Sound SC
Wardrobe Attendant SC

Helpful Pathways Documents

IGETC GE  |  CSU GE LACCD GE  |  Skills Certificate Application  |  Certificate of Achievement Application






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